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Hi, got a few questions.

I have a FMT100 from another company, I have managed to get it connected to the configurator software and can see the domain of the server that it is sending data to. Are there any guides from Teltonika on how to create a TCP socket on a cloud server that will accept the data from the tracker?

Does Teltonika provide any material to these authorised resellers to help them create the server and mobile apps? I would also like to create a mobile app too.

Also how does the sim work, does it need topping up like a regular sim or how does it work?

Thank you

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Take a look at, there are some demo servers you can use for free and a mobile app. Source code is available, so you could use that as a reference. You can setup your own server too. Teltonika devices use port 5027 on the Traccar server.

Yes, whatever SIM card you are using is just a regular SIM card. You need to make sure that it has data (and voice/SMS if you're using them, we don't). If you're a fleet management business all your SIM cards will likely be run through a business account with your provider so you get charged monthly per SIM card instead of having to top it up all the tim).


Many thanks for sharing this good article. Very interesting ideas!

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Thanks for the reply, this seems like exactly what I'm looking for. Now just to solve why my tracker's gprs is deactivated.

Thank you very much