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Is it possible to read Eye Sensor using Mikrotik Knot ?

Is it possible to have an analogue Mikrotik Knot ?

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Hello Rodny

Thanks for your contact

Eye Sensor and Eye Beacon are Beacons, and both are able to transmit in Ibeacon or Eddystone which are the most standard Beacon protocols in market.

Here you can find more information about EYE beacon/sensor protocol description: 


On the other hand, "Mikrotik Knot" (Not a Tetonika Device) Claims in his page the following "you can use the KNOT for asset tracking and telemetry based on Bluetooth advertisement packets. KNOT supports any BLE tag that sends advertisement data. iBeacon, Eddystone or any other format." so you should have no issues connecting both devices. Nevertheless, I recommend to use one of following Networks products which have BLE antenna, and we can help you from Sensor and Router side:

RUTx10 (

RUTx11 (

RUTx12 (

RUTx14 (

If you are interested, Please post your questions regarding RUT devices in a separate Networks group forum and technical will provide further assistance

Here is the link:

Kind regards.

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To the contrary, "You can use the KNOT for asset tracking and telemetry based on Bluetooth advertisement packets," the website for the "Mikrotik Knot" (not a Tetonika device) boasts. To advertise, KNOT is compatible with any BLE tag. You may use iBeacon, Eddystone, or any other standard "so there shouldn't be any problems joining them together. However, we can assist you on the Sensor and Router ends if you use one of the following Networks products that features a BLE antenna: