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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous

According to the CODEC documentation it's required that you receive all records from the device before you can send a GPRS command to the device over TCP. How can I be sure that all recent records have been sent to know when I can start sending GPRS commands back? Is there a way to send any GPRS commands while ignoring recent records? This can be sort of problematic e.g when the car is on the go and every 10 seconds a new record is being generated as it drives.

Thanks in advance!

1 Answer

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by anonymous


To send commands via GPRS and receive answers from device, link with server must be opened. The logic, schould be that when there are records comming to your server and there is GPRS command to send, in first step server schould send acknowledgment to device and then GPRS message. If no records are beeing received from device when sending GPRS message, there is no need to verify if it has sent all records.

by anonymous
Sorry, I don't think I fully understand the logic from your answer:

Let's consider a scenario where new records are being generated and sent and I have a chain of GPRS commands that I want to send to the device.

In this case should I:

1. establish the connection with the device and receive its IMEI

2. Send ACK back to acknowledge the receipt of IMEI

3. Then start sending GPRS commands and ignore any records coming in? Or at this point I need to receive records first and acknowledge it?