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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous

I want to buy a 4 G tracker. There are  two models FMM and FMC 920. Both have 4G but FMM has  LTE CAT M1/NB IoT

 In the manual or wiki of the FMM920  I find nothing about this difference and how to implement the use of it? 

So what is its advantage or doesnot  it makes a difference which I buy..

2 Answers

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by anonymous


 In the link below you will find a comparison of these devices,fmc920

 Best regards

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by anonymous


Speed difference between CAT 1 and CAT M1 is significant. Although telematics devices do not need high speed network, because it sends small bits of data and for a long time 2G was enough, since 2G will eventually shut down entirely we are moving on to new network technologies. 

LTE Cat-M1 fastest growing network in the world. Worldwide mobile operators predict that Cat-M1 technology will be the one which will change 2G network.

FMC coverage will depend on module by region, which means that there will be several different versions of FMC devices suited for specific regions.

FMM will have one global module, but that doesn’t mean it will work worldwide at the moment. In the link below you can find guidelines (not a fact!) where CAT M1 (LTE-M) technology supported:

GSMA | Mobile IoT Deployment Map | Internet of Things

For more information kindly contact your sales manger or open VIP helpdesk ticket.

Best regards.


by anonymous

Thanks. So I need a sim plus subscrition to a lte cat M1 network. If I buy this card from 1nce:  be ok?

Can I just put it in and configure it like with any other 4G card? I want to use it with a traccar- server.