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Hi, I have a scenario where a push button needs to be used as a privacy tracking trigger but at the same time, an LED visual notification needs to be also triggered to tell the driver that the tracking is now private. This LED needs to turn off 20 mins after ignition off and the privacy status has to return to default.

Is this possible?

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It is possible to configure one of device DINs as a private mode trigger and use DOUT control configuration available in private/business mode settings to enable DOUT as scenario indication. Selected DIN would be connected to push button and LED to DOUT.

There is no DOUT timeout after ignition is off configuration, but you could use Deep Sleep or Ultra Sleep mode and configure Sleep scenario timeout to 20 minutes. When device goes into Deep Sleep or Ultra Sleep, DOUT will be disabled.

Sleep mode conditions and description:

Another possibility is to manage from the server side