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I'm evaluating the data from an Eye Beacon broadcast within the advertising frame, for example:


I had expected movement data to update at the speed set on the device - Sensor reading interval - set at one second.

This does not appear to be the case. See the data output below for a simple movement from horizontal to vertical, which shows the significat time taken to register the full movement - around 3 minutes - and the sluggish reflection of movement in the data as it does so.

Small or slow movement is not registered in the counter or with the movement flag. Horizontal movement appears not to register. Slow pitch and roll are shown in the data but the movement flag is not set.

Can you explain how the values here are supposed to change with movement and what settings or firmware revisions might permit the sensor to provide greater sensitivity and responsiveness.

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EYE Sensor movement detection threshold is 250 mG, sensitivity can be adjusted with Movement event configuration using EYE App:

Catching movement also depends on another parameters like: Sensor advertising interval settings, sensor reading interval and device that is reading sensor data configuration (update frequency, scan duration):

Regarding firmware, please check what is current firmware version for your device on Teltonika Wiki -> your device -> firmware errata


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These settings in the EYE sensor are for nothing, because the FMB920 configuration does not allow reading from BLE more often than 30 seconds. See the parameter "Sensors and Beacons Update frequency" on Bluetooth 4.0 tab.

I am currently testing the use of these sensors and I am also disappointed. Additionally, as you write, changing the angle (pitch, roll) takes place in 2-3 minutes. After this time, the readings are stable with the new position.
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Please try to use Non Stop Scan and BLE Scan duration: 5 seconds.

Sensor data will be updated more frequently (also depending on sensor settings)
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Thanks. It helped for the sensor reading rate, but a new problem with zero readings arose. Probably because sometimes when scanning the FMB920 will not hit this sensor, so the readings from it are reset to zero.

But I still don't know what the event time settings apply to. Do the following settings affect how the FMB920 reads the sensor status? I don't really notice.
"Maximum event duration"
"Event advertising settings"
The wiki does not explain well what these settings apply to. Here it would be useful to have a time graph with the event and these two settings marked on it and it would be clear what they refer to.

"Advertising interval settings" on the home page
- it's probably a broadcast from the sensor "that it is at all"
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Regarding zero values - if your sensor couldn't be detected, please try to set more Tx power in sensor settings with the EYE App to increase detection range. Additionally, please try to use different BT power levels in device Bluetooth 4.0 settings. 

Please visit Teltonika Wiki for description of different EYE Sensor parameters:

Maximum event duration - how long will one event be advertised

Event advertising settings - advertising period after event detection

So if event duration is 30s and advertising is 1s device will send 30 frames every one second.

If event duration is 30s and advertising is 10s then it will send 3 advertisements