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I've never did this before so I thought to ask first. I have 18  older trucks and 9 older heavy machineries (CAN not supported) that I want to equip with GPS Devices and fuel level sensors. Considering that fuel sensors are a bit expensive I've read somewhere that I cand connect the AIN1 from FMB110 to the wire that goes to the car's fuel gauge. Doing so I avoid costs and work time because I don't need to drill the tanks. My questions are:

1. Is this possible?

2. If so, on all cars or only on some?

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On trucks as you mention you can conect the analog cable of the device to the analog wire on the fuel level sensor ( not from gauge level ). On the top of the fuel tank you will find the sensor.Most models have 3 wires. One wire is the analog and  has a voltage from 3 to 9 v and on some model goes up to 24 volts.

The second wire is for the low level indication that goes to the led of the fuel level gauge.

The third cable is the +

Once you connected then you need to calibrate the tank.You need to go to a petrol station with low level fuel and add 20 liters each time. When you add 20 liters you need to read the analog sensor voltage and record it. example 20L 3.3V   40L 3.6V  60L  4V   and so on. Then you feed this info to the server and you can start reading your fuel consumption.

Any question do not hesitate to ask

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I am trying to follow your instructions. Dont we have to calibrate the device? If i am using GPSWOX platform, do you have any idea how to conduct the calibration?



What happen if vehicle's ignition is off? Fuel level will go down?

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See the video Guide link