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Hi Gents,

We have noticed that when a unit is crossing many countries, it always gets stuck in some network and stops sending data.

It always selects networks and deactivate its GPRS and DATALINK becoming Zero when we send getstatus sms.

The units are registered to the network but dont want to send any data anymore for days.

As soon as the sim is taken out from the device and inserted again, the device starts to send data again until it crosses 2 countries or changes some network operators.

We mostly use your hardware for Cross-Border Vehicle Tracking in combination with Roaming sims.

Is there any command to reset the operators banned list from the sim/device?

We appreciate your thoughts on this issue.



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In such a situation, I would recommend checking the operator to which the device is connected. Whether your home operator supports and cooperates with the roaming operator.

In response to the gestatus command, you will find information about the current operator=> OP:XXXXX


If there are no limitations there please send sms/gprs cpureset command and verify again.

Best regards