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Is there a possibility to receive correct tachograph working state of driver 1 and driver 2 when vehicle’s ignition is off, using FMB640?

As you might know tachograph can be programmed to change state when ignition is off. We encouter problem, that when driver turns off vehicle’s ignition, FMB640 reports last state which was selected when ignition was on. In this particular case, FMB640 reports that the state is `2` while the tachograph for that vehicle is configured to switch to state `0` when ignition is turned off. It seems that FMB640 doesn’t see tachograph status with ignition off.

Is there any way to get real tacho data when ignition is off? Could it be solved by configuration? Or maybe when installing the device?

P.S. We’ve currently disabled sleep mode so it can’t be related to sleep.

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Thank you very much for contacting us.


With IO Send Mode as “Send Last Known Value” in IO Global settings, the device sends the current value from the tachograph, or the last known value if there is no new value from the tachograph e.g. when the tachograph goes into sleep mode.

Please update the device to the latest firmware, Ref.: FMB640 firmware errata, and send the “cpureset” and “sdformat” SMS commands to the device.

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