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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
Hi do I connect fmb640 via mini usb to lv can200.. The manual shows the colours of the LV Can200 wires that should be connected to the Mini USB .  Blue - Yellow and Black . But the usb cables have different colours .  So I need a pinout of the usb cable let say.
Left is nr 1
nr 1 is Power
nr 2 is yellow
nr 3 is blue ...

1 Answer

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by anonymous 1 flag

Hello, good day.

Thanks for the query.

To connect the LVCAN-200 to a Mini USB cable, you have to connect:

CAN ADAPTER PIN6 (Blue wire) (RX) -> RX USB cable (Green wire) MINI USB PIN 3.

CAN ADAPTER PIN5 (Yellow wire) (TX) -> TX USB cable (White wire) MINI USB PIN 2.

CAN ADAPTER PIN4 (Black wire) (Ground).

For detailed information please check this link:

Additionally, you can purchase this cable with us, so you won't have to arm it.

Here you can find the cable:

Product Code: ALL-CAN300_3;

Let me know if any doubt left.

by anonymous
Good day the link for the Cable is not working anymore can you give me another link with the product or just the product code. Because the south african branch seems to not know about the cable for connecting Fmb641 to lv cab 200