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Under Configurator it appears that the FM3001 supports up to 4 TZ-BT04.  Is that correct? I enabled a sample FM3001 with two TZ-BT04, entered the ID  of each and did see in the I/O section both temp and humidity of 3000 and one Battery % of 94 and one of 95%.  On occasion (several minute apart) I saw what I would say is a legitimate set of readings; temp at 210 and humidity of 340, but those readings would disappear, returning o 3000 each.  I was using the Operand of "On Exit" as in the video in the Teltonika web site.

I do not see any further info on using the FM3001 with the TZ-BT04.  Any assistance on obtaining reliable readings is appreciated.

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"Is that correct?"
[AA] yes.

3000 - is error code meaning, that sensor data is unavailable. I.e device/FW tried to read data from sensor but was not able to find it. After 5 attempts (@ old FW) -> 3000 error code is set. @ new FW -> 30 attempts failed to read -> 3000 error code is set.
But as you noticed, only for temp/humidity IO. Battery value - stays on last read. - more on error codes. See "BLE 1 Temperature".

The problematic behaviour is caused by the fact that FMB devices sometimes fail to detect TZBT sensors. And also early FW implementation was too strict. In regards for data reading from TZBT sensors.

To solve your problems:

1. Update your device FW to 03.18.16 FW. You can download it from:

user: FMB9XY
pass: 220B9XX

All devices even FM3 can use this 03.18.16.

2. in FMB configurator -> Bluetooth 4.0 -> common settings -> BT power level -> configure as 7.

3. TZBT data reading was improved in 03.18.02 version. But i'd suggest for you to use 03.18.16 as its latest "stable" version.

In this 03.18.16 - you should not get those 3000 errors as often as you do with older FW versions. If at all.

4. Also a point to consider - is to configure TZBT sensors with higher "BLE transmit power level" value aswell. You can do this by using "Humiture recorder" App @ google play store:

This app is native TZBT sensor manufacturer application.

Default sensors password is "00000" or "000000" ie 5 or 6 zeroes.