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I try to sending serial message from arduino mega to fmb125 via rs232 rx pin, but i cant get it what happen.

I upload this code to arduino mega 2560 :

String n = "hello";
  void setup() {
  void loop() {
    Serial.print(n); //Write the serial data
and i set the FMB 125 RS232 :

Mode = TCP/UDP Ascii
Baudrate = 115200
Parity = None
Message Timestamp = Disable
CMD ID = 6

and then, i connect the arduino mega TX pin to FMB125 RS232 RX pin. So why i get in result at platform : "000011330001000100000200fc0000000be00000000903003601f800f20000ab3a3a0a", "0200ab3a3a0a", or empty not "hello"?

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We would like to analyze your issue.

Please contact your sales manager. If you don't have any contacts with our Sale managers, please contact with them on our official website and click on the "Contact Us" button. When you will click, please fill the form and submit it. Note: as a topic, please choose "Vehicle telematics". Or you can send an e-mail with description of your situation to . Please follow these recommendations: