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We are having troubles getting auto calibration to go through with 2 devices. Be believe that the vehicles (wheel loaders) can not accelerate fast enough to get a successful calibration. So we plan to disable auto calibration. Is this going to work and in what angles should we mount the devices?

We are using:
FMC640 (Firmware 01.00.13)
FMC130 (Firmware 03.27.07  Rev:00)

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Thank you for reaching out. Indeed, a vehicle must be able to accelerate by 7km/h + in one second in order for autocalibration process to succeed.

In your case, if it is not possible to accelerate fast enough, FM trackers have to be mounted appropriately. The idea is to match the Axes of the vehicle (which can be seen in image (1)) , with the axes of the FM trackers (images 2,3)) With autocalibration disabled, device will assume its' axes are perfectly aligned with the vehicles' axes. 

1. Vehicle axes

2. FMC1XX orientation (applies to Your FMC130). 

FMC640 Orientation

Make sure that the tracker is secured properly and does not move/change orientation.

Best regards, Martynas

ago by
Regarding FMC640. Should the labels be towards the sky? Also why is z down on FMC130 and up on FMC640?