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Can you elaborate on what 0 - Disable, 1 - Low, 2 - High, 3 - Panic mean in terms of how they impact the message and response from the FMC130?

I am hoping to better understand the following priorities and what each of them means from this link:

12250 – Scenario priority (0 - Disable, 1 - Low, 2 - High, 3 - Panic).

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Here is the meaning of different priority base on its level

Priority level (AVL packet priority) can be:

None Priority

Module doesn't make additional record.

Low Priority

Module makes an additional record with an indication that the event was caused by an I/O element change (depending on Operands configuration).

High Priority

Module makes an additional record with High priority flag and sends event packet immediately to the server using GPRS.

Panic Priority

This priority triggers same actions as High priority, but if GPRS fails, it sends an AVL packet using SMS data if SMS data sending is enabled and the number is provided in SMS/Call Settings.


Here is the wiki link : FMC130 I/O settings - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (



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Thank you for your support!

I am hoping for additional clarity on the impact on the vehicle with each of the different message types. Can you clarify how each of these priority levels impacts the end-user experience? Does it change the time until the immobilization message is received?