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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous

I have 2 trackers and each one of them receive data from ELA bluetooth tags (temperature & temperature/humidity).

I see the data (temperature, humidity ) in the status for both Teltonika FMB001 and FMB003

When I look in my platform I do not see the bluetooth fields, is there a way to check that the bluetooth data is really sent to the server ?
by anonymous

The problem is that it was not activated in the first place? we become what we behold

2 Answers

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by anonymous


First of all, a common mistake is not enabling Codec8 Extended in your device configuration, without Codec 8 Extended your device will not send Bluetooth data to the server. Please make sure that it is enabled.

Now, regarding the question, yes it is possible. One way it could be done is with a TCP server program on your computer. Configure your FM device to send data to that server (your external IP and a port that is open). Then you can check what data is being sent by the device.
Material on how to parse record data:
Teltonika Data Sending Protocols - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

Best regards, Martynas.

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by anonymous
Yes the problem is that it was not activated in the column "Priority" on the panel I/O on the configurator. It has to be "Low" but not "None" (as default) for the bluetooth line (BLE Temperature #1).