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I need help configuring the FMB204 device.

My conditions for the device:

  1. Power ONIgnition is HIGH = Sending position and data every 60 seconds.
  2. Power OFFinternal Battery is usedIgnition is LOW and device coordinates do not change = Sending position and data every 3600 seconds.
  3. Power OFFinternal Battery is usedIgnition is LOW and device coordinates change = Sending position and data every 300 seconds.

With the Teltonika Configurator, I configured the device with these parameters:

  • System Movement Source is "Ignition", "Accelerometer" and "GNSS"
  • Data Acquisition \ On Stop \ Min Period is "300" sec, Send Period is "300" sec.
  • Data Acquisition \ Moving \ Min Period is "3600" sec., Send Perion is "3600" sec. 

Now my test scenarios:

## 1 The device is on my desk, the device is powered ON, the ignition is HIGH and I get the coordinates and the data every 60 seconds

  • Condition 1 working fine

## 2 The device is powered off, the internal battery is used, I have the device on my desk, ignition is LOW 

  • How I can configure condition 2? 

## 3 The device is powered off, the internal battery is used, I have the device in my car and driving, ignition is LOW and I get data every 300 seconds.

  • Condition 3 is working, but I do not get the position data. How I can get the position data?

Thank you very much. 

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Kindly note that the device won't send location coordinates if the coordinates is not changed given that the Ignition/Movement Source is Low. Also, when Static Navigation is enabled it filters changes in GPS position if no movement (configured movement source) or ignition (configured ignition source) is detected.

For more info about Static Navigation, you may check this link:

Given that your Static Navigation is enabled, kindly see the outcomes on your conditions.

Condition 2: As explained above, it is not possible to get the position data from the Device since it is stationary and Static Navigation is enabled thus any fluctuations will be filtered out.

Condition 3: Position data are still not received because the changes on device position is being read as data fluctuation due to the Static Navigation is enabled. In order to get the data you need to disable the Static Navigation so device would send the changes in coordinates.

Hope this helps to answer your question.



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Hi Norman,

Thank you for your feedback. Can you elaborate what do you mean by the post owner?