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Hello, thanks for the query.

To configure a "SMS" number through  commands "SMS/ GPRS" you can use the command "setparam" and the "Parameter ID" that you want to set.

To use the "Setparam" command by "SMS" you must follow this structure:

<space><space>setparam<space>4000(Authorized number ID):(new value)

Check the following link where you can find the ID parameter list:

If you have set a password to the "SMS commands" make sure to add them in the message with the following structure:

Login<space>password<space>setparam<space>(param ID):(new value)

You can set many parameters with one command, just separating them with a ";" but note that SMS command are limited to 160 characters:

 <space><space>setparam<space>(param ID1):(new value);(param ID2):(new value);(param ID3):(new value)...

In the following link you can find the "SMS/ GPRS" commands:

To control a "Digital Output" you can use the command "setdigout", the structure is the following:

<space><space>setdigout<value for the DOU1><value for the DOUT2><timeoutX> <timeoutY> <speedX> <speedY>


"  setdigout 01 30 ? ? 30" will set DOUT1 to low level for 30 seconds and DOUT2 to high level for infinite time if speed is 30 km/h or lower.

You can find detailed information about this command in the following link:

Remember that if you want to send "GPRS" commands through a server you need to send the commands using "Codec 12/14" find detailed information in the following link:

Best regards!