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in the configurator, under "GSM Operators" there are two lists for "Roaming operator" and "Operator Black List". Where can I configure some operators as Home Operators, so that Data Mode will not display always Roaming?

Currently I have my operator to the Roaming Operator list but if I remove from there then Uknown is displayed in DataMode.


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Our devices do not have a "Home operator list" - the home data mode is selected automatically, according to the SIM card operator's home country.

If the operator's home country and the country that the device is currently in matches - the device will work in Home data mode.

According to Your description, it seems that You are using a Global SIM card - these kinds of SIM cards do not have a home operator country, so they will always work in "Unknown" Data mode (Unless You add the operator to the roaming list).

In Your case, I would recommend setting Your preferable data acquisition settings under Unknown data mode and the device will always send the data according to Your configuration. You can read more about the data acquisition settings here:

Best regards.
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