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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous
Does anyone know of a simple way to get the change of angle in between two fixes sent back as a figure in such away I can get it to trigger an event on the host server please? The fix is sent every 30 seconds and I appreciate the unit could turn 180 degrees and then back again by say  190 degrees between those two points showing just a 10 degree change. The unit is an FMB204.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

You can configure Min Angle parameter in Data Acquisition settings to define threshold angle that will cause a record to be generated:

by anonymous
Thanks for the response, yes I did know that but I cannot see a way to send that back as an event different from all the other fixes coming back.

If you imaging a ship traveling in a straight line for say an hour, I have no real interest in this apart from knowing where it is and that it is moving in the right direction. What I need is to highlight it and trigger a warning on the server when it suddenly changes direction by say greater than 25 degrees?

Therefore I am looking for a way to trigger a separate message from the FMB204 when that happens.
by anonymous

Device will not generate an event with angle change. The solution is to check angle on your server side and generate notification when threshold is exceeded.
by anonymous
That is what i feared, but thank you for confirming Janusz.