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I have a question regarding the "Event only" setting for I/Os.

While this is a very useful feature to save bandwidth and storage space, how can I know the current state the device is in?
I may have the last state but is there a guarantee the device hasn't restarted meanwhile, forgetting its state?
Or I simply don't have the last state. This is a first installation, or the device was redirected from another server (so we don't have its history), or some packets were lost, etc.

From our own server side, can I trigger a data storing event for each I/O? Or can I query the current value of some I/Os?

An option is to send a series of getio, getinfo, getparam, readio and getgnss GPRS commands. Isn't there a simpler way to do it?

(By the way, what is the difference between readio and getparam? The FMB640 user manual v1.0 doesn't tell. Furthermore, the example for getparam says ID = 70060 for VIM, the Teltonika Data Sending Parameters ID page lists it as ID = 528.)

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The event only parameter is nothing but that particular I/O parameter will only be sent if there is any event is triggered (based on the operand chosen).

Please note that the device will have its default state (0) while it restarts and only if there is any change from that state is detected the event will be triggered. Even if it is an 1st installation or new server is set, If the event only parameter is set the device will send that particular I/O only if that even is triggered.

The readio command is to only read the I/O parameters of the device but the getparam command lets you read all the parameters from your device.

You could probably use getio command which will return all the digital and analog input/output values.

ID 70060 is KLINE vehicle identification number if the tachograph element is enabled and it is connected.

ID 528 is Vehicle identification number from the CAN element.

Hope the above helps!



Thanks for the answer. It's a new piece of information that channels are reset to 0. In this case I will receive the current (non-0) value once it's measured. However, I won't have info on changes to 0 (like GSM status) after a reset: my last knowledge is a non-zero, and the first data I'll get is also non-zero. I will miss the information that the device was disconnected from the mobile network for a minute.

Regarding commands, I've tried to use getparam but only with partial success. For example, for getparam 21;66;70;71;178;182;200;239;240;241
I receive only Param ID:178 Value:0;182:0;200:0


By the way, I don't get any replies for getparam at all most of the time.