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I've mounted a FMB110 with LVCAN200 on a Mercedes Sprinter and after a few days of working fine, the devices are transmitting all data with the value of 0 when engine off. (satellites, speed, fuel level etc). But when engine is on, everything works just fine.

Has anyone encountered this? If so, what is the cause and how can I fix it?

Thank you

2 Answers

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Please open FMB110 configurator tool program. Please go to section LVCAN. There you can disable or enable "send data with 0, if ignition is OFF"

You should disable it, if you want to receive LVCAN values when ignition is OFF. Hope it helped
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The most likely reason for this issue is that In your configuration LVCAN settings "Send data with 0, if ignition is off" parameter (ID 45001) is enabled.  Are you sure that you were not getting data with values of 0 earlier when everything was working fine?

You can disable this setting using FMB configurator program or by sending the following SMS command:

"  setparam 45001:0"  if no login and password is set

"yourLogin yourPassword setparam 45001:0"  if login and password is set

Hope that solves your issue.
"Send data with 0 if ignition is off" was turned off. I think it has something to do with VCC wire. It was connected directly to the battery and the driver told me that he started the car by pushing it.

My team mounted the gps device with lvcan 4 days ago. For 2 days, the car stayed in the garage without anyone moving it, and the devices sent the data correctly. On the third day, the driver tried to start the car, but had trouble with it. Finally he managed to start the engine by pushing the car and drove away. The devices sent the data correctly until he came back and turned off the engine. At that point the devices sent the data correctly, only when the engine was turned on. Today my team connected the VCC wire to a fuse and now it's working fine. Now I await for next time the car will be used to see if this happens again.

Sometimes that can hapen from a low battery current we have deal with the same situation on DAF truck. If this hapens again send to the device SMS with command DELETE RECORDS and then CPU RESET to restart it.

Hope it helps

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