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We have tens of FMC001 devices which we use to send signals to our server to track cars.

Initially we were using UDP because it is faster and it sends IMEI (something we absolutely need to know which device is talking to our server) on every signal. But obviously the UDP is not reliable, and since we increased a number of our drivers a lot of packets are lost etc so we don't see it as an option anymore.

Now we want to use TCP because of it's reliability. The problem with UDP is that it doesn't send imei on every signal so how on earth we are supposed to detect which device is talking to our server?

We are using Nodejs and MySQL.

Thanks in advance.

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Please refer to Teltonika Wiki for protocol description:

When using TCP protocol, device sends its IMEI when opening connection with the server. First, when the module connects to the server, the module sends its IMEI. First comes a short identifying the number of bytes written and then goes IMEI as text (bytes).
For example, IMEI 356307042441013 would be sent as 000F333536333037303432343431303133. Having devcie IMEI you can verify from which IP it comes.