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Hi can the teltonika device perform a scenario if the sim card is removed from the gps device then the digital pin will be active to turn on the buzzer

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Thank you for your question.

We can only set an event to send an SMS message to a specific number when the SIM card is removed. 

In order to set it up we can set I/O element called "UMTS/LTE Cell ID" to high/panic priority, set operand "on change" and set an authorized number to send an SMS whenever the value will change. You can also send an SMS command:

"  setparam 52570:2;52571:5;6000:[your phone number];7581:1;8581:[SMS message to be sent]" (keep in mind the two spaces at the start of the command)

Please refer to our Wiki page on how to setup Low/High priority events


that's not what I wanted, because there was a case of a thief pulling out the simcard so that the simcard couldn't be traced
 I want when the simcard is removed the immobilizer will be active