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Why _avlObj.records is array of 6 elements?

I receive signal from the FMC001 device in my server and I want to store the actual data (gps). But the _avlObj.records is an array of objects with different timestamps and I don't understand why? 

It looks like this except always it has 6 records.



    timestamp: "2021-11-02T16:51:31.000Z",

    priority: 1,

    gps: {

      longitude: 16.8509233,

      latitude: 58.7486033,

      altitude: 22,

      angle: 111,

      satellites: 14,

      speed: 0,


    event_id: 240,

    properties_count: 39,

    ioElements: [],



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Thank you for your question.

The number of received records depends on data acquisition settings. It could be that you have set Min Saved Records value to 6, so every packet sent to server will contain minimum 6 records.  It also could be that Min Period is set to a lower value than Send Period, therefore the device will generate more records and send it all at once. To read more about data acquisition settings visit our Wiki page

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Best regards.