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Buongiorno ho la necessità di contare i giri di una turbina (circa 4500) montando un sensore induttivo alimentato a 12v riesco a leggere i giri fino a 500 RPM ma se accelero anche di poco non visualizzo più nulla è possibile che ci sia un errore nel sensore o nella tensione in ingresso sul din uno? Se sì quale conosco gia la pagina esplicativa sul vostro sito, avete un sensore da consigliarmi?

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Thank you for your questions.

It is possible to count RPM through analog input based on the voltage output. The voltage input can be calibrated to match RPM values. There is a calibration formula that can be used for RPM count, although it was initially intended for fuel level count. It could be better to perform the conversion of Voltage to RPM on server. Please refer to our Wiki page for more information.  The downside of this method is that analog signal may not be as accurate. 

Another way of measuring RPM would be to use Pulse level counter. It will count impulses whenever the value of DIN1/DIN2 changes its value. Keep in mind that on our FMX1 devices  support frequency up to 50 Hz and voltage up to 7.5V. Please refer to our WIKI page for more information

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