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Un dispositivo FM920 TIENE 2 ENTRADAS Y 1 SALIDA

estoy utilizando el DIN1 para IGN de modo saber cuando el vehiculo esta encendido.

estoy utilizando el DOUT1 para el corte de motor.

¿puedo utilizar el AIN1 para instalarle un boton de panico?

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Yes you can use the AIN 1 to activate the panic button

here the screenshot from the configurator for your reference

after selecting that, 

1. go to the IO put the AIN 1 to high priority

2. measure the voltage  change for AIN when you pressing the button 

3. Fill the value of voltage you measure in Low Voltage High Voltage 

4. Change the Operand to on entrance so whenever you press the button it should reach the voltage you put at the Low Voltage

5. Make sure that you will get notify on you server side when someone press the panic button that is connected to AIN 1


1. FMB920 Data acquisition settings - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

2. FMB920 I/O settings - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (





Genial, gracias por la informacion y la pronta respuesta ¡¡¡