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Buen dia, como puedo cambiar la zona horaria que viene por defecto de los dispositivos GPS TELTONIKA a traves de un comando sms para que tenga otra zona horaria por ejemplo la de mi pais , -5

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Hello Jose, 

Good day. Thank you for your question.

If you are referring to the device time synchronization, then it follows the default server set in the device configuration so when the Sim card is inserted, the time zone will change automatically according to your region. As for the SMS Event Time Zone, the default will be UTC+00:00 so to change it, you may send the following SMS command:

With login and password : <login><space><password><space>setparam 3006:-300

Without login and password : <space><space>setparam 3006:-300

If you are sending via GPRS then you may skip the login, password, and <space>. Where -300 refers to -5 in minutes (5 x 60).

Please try this and let me know if it helps.

Kind regards.