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I'm sending SMS over GPRS command setdigout 1?? and setdigout 0?? depending on several conditions to activate / deactivate digital output 1 for each incoming transmission to my server. But, I have a condition for overspeeding in 40 km/h assigned to Digital output 2 with a buzzer. The buzzer must be active for 3 seconds and keep silent for 1 second while the vehicle is overspeeding

When I'm driving over 40 Km/h the digital output 2 never activates.

Am I wrong with the gprs command that I'm returning to the device? I just want to change the digital output state using a gprs command but keep the overspeeding configuration saved in the device.

Thanks in advance

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Hello Megadev, 

Good day. Thank you for your question.

The command setdigout 1?? and setdigout 0?? is correct if you are using a device with 3 DOUTs where only the state of DOUT 1 changes based on your requirement. For more information on setdigout, please refer here -

As for the Overspeeding scenario, it can be done as in the image below:

Using the image above as the configuration for Overspeeding and parameter ID from

The GPRS command structure will be as follows:

setparam 11100:2;11104:40;11103:2;11101:3000;11102:1000

Kind regards.