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I am asking this question on behalf of the company I work for, FleetSpark. We are using your FMB640 devices for our customers. We use two kinds of firmware for two set of devices:



We would like to know:

1. What are the exact changes between two versions? we couldn't find any documentation about that and we don't have access to the history of this page

2. What are the new parameters in 01.00.05.Rev.00 that are added here compare to 00.03.65.Rev.00?

3. How can we parse parameters with more than 8 byte? For example how can we parse "Driver 1 Name"(36 bytes)? There are no example here for values more than 8bytes.

4. We have written a parser for 00.03.65.Rev.00, does it also work with 01.00.05.Rev.00? or are there any major changes between two versions which makes 00.03.65.Rev.00 parser to be not compatible with 01.00.05.Rev.00?


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Hello Hoda, 

Good day. Thank you for your question.

Please find the reply to your questions, in the sequence below:

1) Kindly try this link - to know the difference between firmware version 01.00.05 and 00.03.65. The changes made on FW01.00.05 are as follows:

Tachograph FrontPanel improvements

Additional tachograph parameters added

AutoCAN reading improvements

Sleep modes improvements

Battery charging/discharging improved

Tracking On-demand added

LVCAN DTC codes reading improvements

1Wire TSH202 multiple sensors support added

Periodical TSM232 SBD records saving improvements

TCP buffering to SD card added

GPRS Remote log improvements

2) The are parameters added under Tachograph (AVL ID 10501 - 10521) for FW01.00.05 and others added under FW00.03.79 such as Geofence Zone Over Speeding etc. Kindly take note that the latest firmware release version is FW01.00.13. 

3) Variable type parameters are only supported by the Codec8 Extended protocol -

4) There are no major changes to the protocol used between these versions. So it should be compatible.

Hope this information helps.

Kind regards.

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Hello Vivek,

Thank you for your response.

I have implemented Codec8 Extended protocol. Under "Codec 8 Extended protocol sending over TCP" section only 1 example have provided with "NX of X Byte IO = 0". Is it possible to provide more examples which also include:

1. Variable type parameters such as Driver 1 Name, Driver 2 SurName , Manual CAN 00, ...

2.  more than 1 record in a packet

Best regards,