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If the devices are not accessible by hand then you may send the following SMS command to the device:

With login and password : <login><space><password><space>setparam 2004:yourserverdomain;2005:yourserverport
Without login and password : <space><space>setparam 2004:yourserverdomain;2005:yourserverport

If you are sending via GPRS then you may skip the login, password, and <space>.

If you are still facing issues in changing the server then kindly contact your Sales Manager. If you don't have any contacts with our Sales managers, please contact them on our official website and click on the "Contact Us" button. When you will click, please fill the form and submit it.

Note: as a topic, please choose "Vehicle telematics" or you can send an e-mail with the description of your situation to

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