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I bougth tracker FMC130 because the documentation says "Allows device to work without external power source"

I received the trackers with the same battery of the tracker FMU125, currently in use : 3.7V/170mA usually used for power loss mode. The time in use seem to me to be very short. I measured the consumption on the back-up battery :  183 mA -> less than 1 hour

After connection of the back-up battery no led blinks, the device do not start. Nothing is documented in stand-alone mode. 

If I connect the power 12V the tracker start  and when I can disconnect the 12V, the device continue to work on back-up battery. But to stop it I need to disconnect the back-up battery

How the mode stand-alone work ?

Do you have a tracker with a truly stand-alone mode with 3G. I saw the FMB 204 but it is only 2G


When I

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Hello there, 

Good day. Thank you for your question.

The device (FMC130) works without an external power source but it is not meant to function for an extended period of time, ideally, we would suggest that you enable the sleep mode to prolong the battery life (also, the configuration could be adjusted to generate and send data often to extend the battery life). For further information on sleep mode, please refer here - 

FMB204 has a much bigger battery capacity but it is still a telematics device that requires it to connect to an external power source. May I know what is the use case here so we can advise you better?

Kind regards.



I understand the the time will be limited without to supply an external power and I know how manage the sleeping mode

My issue is that we cannot start the device if no 12V is applied to pin 1 of the connector. Stand-alone mode doesn't work

When the tracker is started, I can disconnect the power, and the device will continue to work until the voltage of the internal battery is less than 3.0V (safety shutdown so as not to reduce the service life of battery)