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Hi all,

I would like to connect the tracker in my vehicle to my alarm system. The alarm has a 'ground when armed' output, which I would like to use to put the tracker into "armed" mode, and an "Alarm triggered" output. Obviously it would be nice to arm the tracker automatically when I lock the vehicle using the alarm system.

Concretely this means:

Ground sensed and Movement: Start tracking & SMS

Ground sensed and Alarm signal (+12V from Alarm): Start Tracking & SMS

Ground sensed and Ignition: Start tracking & SMS

Is it possible to create that logic connection? I have been reading the Wiki for a while now, but t.b.h. I haven't figured out yet, how to do this. If it is not possible, what is the smart way to make the tracker start tracking only when "unwanted" movement or ignition happens?

Best regards,

Robin from Germany

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Hello Robin, 

Good day. Thank you for your question.

What can be done here is as follows:

1) Set your Data Acquisition settings (On Move and On Stop) - take note that for Moving Mode to be activated, the moving source has to be detected. The device does not start tracking when an event, instead, the device saves and sends records periodically.

2) Set the IO settings as follows:

You will receive the records via GPRS on your platform, but if you would like to receive the SMS, then you can set it as Panic Priority and if the GPRS fails, SMS will be sent. You can also edit the SMS text for identification purposes. So every time the Ignition or Movement value changes, you will receive a record on your platform. The same applies to Ground Sense IO settings.

3)Enable the Ground Sense option in the Systems tab (Configurator). If the alarm is based on the ground being detected or not, via ground sense feature, you can implement that logic on the server-side. For example, when you notice that the alarm has been triggered and movement/ignition detected, that server would identify that as a dangerous event. 

May I know how does the alarm works?

Kind regards.


Hi Vivek,

thank you for the comprehensive answer, and sorry for the late reply. I just have so much stuff to finish on the car ;)

Regarding SMS or GPRS: I am fine with either. If I understand correctly now, setting an IO to "Panic" will fall back to SMS when no GPRS is available.

Now regarding your question how the alarm works:

  • It has one output that is constantly grounded when the alarm is armed (standby, protecting the car from intruders). This is not grounded when the alarm is unarmed.
  • It has one output that is +12V when the alarm is triggered (i.e. doors are opened, ignition is turned on, ...)
    • This I would like to trigger a "Panic" event, activate tracking and alarm to GPRS/SMS-Fallback.
What I do not understand fully yet is the logic behind "Movement sources". What does it mean to set the ignition as "Movement Source" for example? I basically want to set the tracker to start high frequency updates to the server, when the car moves without authorization. It would be great to implement that with the ground sense feature. So in resumee:
  • Ground sensed and position change: Notify server and start sending updates at a period of 10s
  • +12V on alarm IO: same thing
  • Ground not sensed and movement (i.e. I disarmed the vehicle and start driving, "authorized movement"
Is there a way to trigger "on demand tracking" via an I/O event? If the ground sense feature does not do what I want, I could just invert it (make it a +12V signal) with a simple relay.
Thanks for your time!
Best regards,

Ok, I figured one question out myself:

Here I can set the +12V Alarm triggered output to start on demand tracking. Then I configure the same Input with panic priority to send a notification to my server, right?

Edit 2: Auto geofence coupled with a deactivation by an I/O that goes +12V when alarm is disarmed would give me the functionality of alerting me of unwanted movement, right? this does not trigger on demand tracking thou ...