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We need a very simple data acquisition setup, with just one record sent every minute (on moving). How to do that ? We have try several setup with no success.

Thank you.
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I have a battery monitoring project coming up, and will need to measure a number of analog and digital channels (at fairly low frequency), and probably drive some digital outputs as well. I prefer to program in Linux. Can anyone suggest some good DAQ hardware that works with Linux? I've used NI hardware before and it worked well, but that was all with Labview, and I'd prefer to just program in C or Python on Linux instead.

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Good day. Thank you for your question.

I'll try to explain how data acquisition (moving) works -

If the Send Period is 10, Min Saved Records is 1, Min period is 60 and Min Distance/Min Angle/Min Speed Delta is 0 (0 is disabled and the device wont generate the record when this condition is meant), the device will check every 10sec. if it has generated records to send. But, taking in mind that Min period is 60sec. the device will save only 1 record every 60 seconds. So device will check every 10sec. if there is data to send but actually data will be sent only every 60sec. - after record is generated.

Also be aware that there are Features, as well as I/O elements that might generate additional records when scenarios are activated. To avoid additional record generation simply disable all additional Features and switch I/O Operand status to "Monitoring"

Kind regards and if you have more questions don't hesitate to ask.