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Few months ago I bought the RUT955. The performance for about 4 weeks was extremely reliable. Quick, not fault at all.

It use to remain me my first cable connection. Highs downloads and highs uploads. Low Latency, etc.

I had been used at home, in the country side. With a computer running Ubuntu 20.04. With several KVM Virtual Machines in NAT mode and some one in nested virtualization.

At least 3 of the Virtual machines had been using the Internet at the same time for few moments, included one with Windows 10. Some one could had been used for watching some Videos, another one for Watching TV, some other one downloading some files with Transmission, some other one browsing the net with Firefox.

Not a problem at all. It was very difficult to believe how good all the system was running.

Since I am planning to install the system in a Truck Motor-van. I started to active the GPS. To set up several Wireless Access Points.

Sometimes, with the purpose of testing the capabilities of the router and the ISP, I was using the 3 SIM cards connected to the Internet at the same time. One at the router, one at the Mobile Phone and one at the Android Tablet. Every things seamed to work fine. Unbelievable.

I have 3 SIM cards with the same provider and the same telephone number (movistar with a mobile unlimited data plan in Spain). One of the Sim cards is used at the RUT955.

My configuration apart from the factory one was simple. Since I use it with a SIM card, I setup my Mobil connection to be my Wan connection. No Wan Faileover, neither Load Balancing. Since I do not have a Wired WAN neither a second SIM card inserted with other different provider.

At the WAN advanced settings I just changed the use of DNS for a custom DNS. Those where and a second one of from Cloudfare.

The Mobile configuration also was simple. QMI, NAT Mode, Auto APN and 3G+4G.

Network frequency Bands was set just one in manual mode, this was LTE B20. Al thought I checked all of them, one by one and I found that I had 5 of them with good performance of up to 64Mbps Download, 22.50 Upload, Latency of 47 ms and jitter of 2.5. Those data was the best performance, but it would not change very much.

The other Frequency Bands where WCDMA 2100, WCDMA 900 GSM 1800 and GSM 900. But since with the LTE B20 every things worked well, I did not select any one else.

As for firewall and others, I did not other thing than opening few ports.

I did test the SMS capabilities for Mobile Data Limit. It was performing fine, sending SMS at the right time. Since I don need it I Unable the choice.

At the LAN Side I started to set some Static leases for my printers, scanner, laptop and PC. Fine, no trouble at all.

RMS is disabled.

I also used an Express VPN connection. Although I set up one in the OpenVPN menu in RUT955. I used it only once due that the speed of the Open VPN protocol was much lower than using the "Lightway Protocol" in the Firefox ExpressVPN extension.

Anyway, it had been working every thing fine until a week ago.

Firstly, when I woke up I found that there was not connection “to the internet” in mine main PC, therefore neither I had connection in VMs.

During 5 days I had been trying to trouble shoot the problem. I started uninstalling the Express VPN. Since the first thing I realized it was that while I use the ExpressVPN extension in Firefox every thing works fine, but as soon as I cut the VPN connection I was unable to connect normally to Internet.

The second thing I did it was to check the FireWall, but I did not touch the settings except opening some ports. So, nothing to fix.

Finally, after many checking. I did reboot the RUT955 to factory settings. Today I installed a new firmware that was available (RUT9XX_R_00.06.08.2). I set up DNSs to factory defaults, then I setup the Cloudfare ones, then I setup the google ones.

I had been reading all the article in related to this problem. It is the RUT955 connects to the mobile APN, but after around 5 minutes it start to loose connection to the internet. After 10 minutes it is impossible to open any web page. And after the first 3 to 4 minutes my speedtest from Ookla start to give me messages like:

2021-06-17 22:00:29.584] [error] Trying to get interface information on non-initialized socket.

[2021-06-17 22:00:35.099] [error] Configuration - Couldn't resolve host name (HostNotFoundException)

[2021-06-17 22:00:35.099] [error] Configuration - Cannot retrieve configuration document (0)

[2021-06-17 22:00:35.099] [error] ConfigurationError - Could not retrieve or read configuration (Configuration)

[2021-06-17 22:00:35.100] [error] ConfigurationError - Could not retrieve or read configuration (Configuration)

[error] Configuration - Could not retrieve or read configuration (ConfigurationError)

So, As I said, I had been around 5 days already trying to see what is the problem to solve it.

I had been reading those articles from this forum, all of them related, an some one identical to the one I have. Some one already since 2019. Those are:









It does not matter if I revert to factory settings. If I leave alone or change the DNS. If I set mobile as first WAN. If I change SIM cards, if I ping. Etc, etc, etc.

The only thing it appears to happen is as follow:

I go to Mobile Information, if I reboot the modem is OK, but it is faster to push the (Re)register Bottom. It takes around 44 seconds. Then every things works fine. Web pages without cache file loads in around one second, as much as 2 seconds. I can click in any of my hundreds bookmarks an they load with the speed of a thunder. Fine no problem.

I test the speed and it is ok, as follows:


Speedtest by Ookla

Server: MismeNet Telecomunicaciones - Churriana de la Vega (id = 6425)

ISP: Telefonica de Espana Static IP

Latency: 47.86 ms (4.22 ms jitter)

Download: 57.84 Mbps (data used: 76.5 MB)

Upload: 22.48 Mbps (data used: 24.0 MB)

Packet Loss: 0.0%

Result URL: https://www.speedtest.net/result/c/c1b5e7f0-96c8-42f4-a6a2-2badf6b36dd6

After 4 minutes it is impossible to do any more speed test. After 5 minutes web pages start to take time to load. After 10 minutes you can not see any web page.

The only choice and the fastest is to go to Mobile Information at the RUT955 an press the (re)register tab. But you can do it only after roughly 7 to 10 minutes has passed. Otherwise nothing changes.

To wrap up. My modem is always connected to the APN. Normal use of Internet is only for around 4 to 5 minutes. Then is a frustration. The only way is to (RE)REGISTER the RUT955, and you are all set up for another 5 minutes of Internet.

I thought to recommend this Router to some friends, obviously now I am rethinking even if to buy anything else from TELTONIKA.

Any way to fixed the problem will be welcome. I can send the Troubleshoot file. I can answer some more question, but really, I am very , very tired. I am very frustrated with this device. To the point that I will try to apply for the warranty if I do not find a solution to the problem.

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by anonymous

Please post your questions regarding RUT devices in separate Networks group forum.
Thank you for your understanding.
Here is the link: https://community.teltonika-networks.com/

Best Regards

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by anonymous
Thank you very much.