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Good day

Is it normal to get towing Alerts when parked with ignition on?

The tracker is not in a car, it's on my desk, still checking everything out.

If I move the device, it does send me alerts even when the ignition is on. Is it not supposed to do it when the ignition is off? Will this also happen when the car is moving on an up or downhill?

Or will it not send towing Alerts when the car moves?

Because it sends alerts while ignition is on, I'm afraid it might happen too when the owner is driving it.

Kind Regards


1 Answer

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FMB920 activates the towing function when the following conditions are met:

  1. Ignition (configured Ignition Source) is OFF.
  2. Activation Timeout is reached.
Please check ignition status In status->I/O InfoTab
Device schould not send any alerts when ignition=1