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Dear all,

i have multiple light commerical vehicles (most are electric, but differ in manufacturers & models) that i would like to equip with FMB001 devices.

Is there a document that provides me with a list of available OBD-II data (readable data from the OBD-II interface) depending on the manufacturer and vehicle model?

I am familiar with the general parameter list that is provided on the Teltonika website for the FMB001 and the FAQ - How to check available OBD-II data? - I am just hoping to find a more general way to determine the available OBD-II data!

Thank you for your help!

1 Answer

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We don't have such a list

However, you can verify it locally (1) or remotely (2)

1. Please verify that your vehicle supports the following protocols

If so, you should receive supported OBDII data after connecting the device and starting the ignition / engine.

In the Configurator  OBDII tab and in the additional OBD tab in the STATUS section, you can verify which parameters are available.

2. You can also send the sms obdinfo command and verify the answer using the instruction below

Best regards