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I have a FMB130 : FW 03.25.15 Rev32

With a beacon conected, i recieve a packet every 60s, it's possible to set the beacon UUID in User ID and receive in every position? I need to receive the ID with the full packet.

There is any other way to do this?

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Hello Lucas,

Good day. Thank you for your question.

Please note, that beacon records are sent as separate records.

Beacon Record has 2 settings on FMB130:

Eventual - record is generated after each scan (which is defined by update frequency)

Periodic - record is generated every configured period, so you can configure it to be generated as frequently as your periodic records.

Beacon records will be sent as soon as link with the server is established. It is not possible to append UUID to User ID IO element as it was never intended for this purpose.

Beacon record can be identified by eventual ID which is AVL ID 385 on your platform -

More information on beacons can be found here:

You can make record

Please try this and let me know if it helps.

Kind regards.