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When does timeout start counting? After last send? Only on Stop mode?  Is the ping going to the configured server or just to the network Operator? How much data is used in total for each ping?  Anything else to explain how this works as there is no description that I can find in the documentation.

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Hello Seabeard,

Good day. Thank you for your question.

Whenever the timeout limit exceeds, then it will start to ping and does not depend on whether it's on Stop or Moving. The ping is sent to the configured server (Main/Backup server). And the ping size is 1 byte.

If the link activity is idle for configured Network Ping Timeout  (no bytes are sent from the device), the FMB device will automatically send 0xFF byte to the server. This functionality works only for Record and Backup Servers. Also, Network Ping Timeout should be always lower than Open Link Timeout. Network Ping Timeout = 0; means functionality is disabled.

Hope this information helps.

Kind regards.