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in Vehicle tracking by

When i send flush to my FM5300 by sms it connects to the server and sends records but it stops.

then i send

setparam 3245 IP

setparam 3246 PORT

setparam 3242 APN

but still not working

can you help please

1 Answer

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All used setparam commands are for profile 3

Command structure: setparam #### #
Sets new value for parameter. ID consists of 4 digits – first digit identifies profile, second, third and fourth identifies parameter ID. In value field a new parameter value is entered.
Example: ‘setparam 1245’ will change configured IP address in profile1 with new value

Please check what is current device profile with getinfo command and look for P:# parameter in answer.

If, for example you will receive P:2 - this means that device is using currently profile 2, then you schould use setparam 2245 IP and so on.