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Hello there, 

Good day. Thank you for your question.

There are commands that you can send via SMS/GPRS to the devices. 

The list of SMS/GPRS commands can be found at

Also, for the parameter ID list you can refer here

The SMS Command structure is as follows:

With SMS login and Password :- <SMS login><space><SMS password><space><Command><Space><Value>

Without SMS login and Password :- <space><space><Command><Space><Value>

To answer the question that you have raised above, you will need 2 pieces of information; the SMS/GPRS command and Parameter ID.

1) setparam #:#


Therefore, the answer is 

For Server Settings:-

<login> <password> setparam 2004:your domain;2005:your port number

For Backup Server Settings:-

1) As a Backup (records will be sent to backup server if main server is not available)

<login> <password> setparam 2010:1;2004:your backup domain;2005:port number for backup domain

2) As a Duplicate (send records to both servers)

<login> <password> setparam 2010:2;2004:your backup domain;2005:port number for backup domain

For other SMS/GPRS commands you may refer at our Wiki page -

If you are sending via GPRS then you may skip the login, password, and <space>.

Please go through the links above and let me know if this helps. Thank you for contacting us.

Kind Regards.