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Hello, i have a FMB001. The SIM Card i insert show this:

The SIM Card is ok if it ist in a Mobilphone

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Hello Robert, 

Good day. Thank you for your question.

There are a few points I would like to clarify with you, as follows:

1) Please advise on the type of SIM Card that you are using, are you able to make calls or send SMS when you use this SIM card in a phone? From the image, I can see that the operator code is 0.

2) Have you tried a different SIM card from a different service provider?

Please check if the SIM card is locked or has restricted usage - you can check with the service provider.

While carrying out this test please connect the DIN1 (yellow wire) to +12VDC source and please format the SD card (make sure that all of the records are sent to the server, this can be checked with SMS command: getinfo (Command Response - RTC:2020/8/31 7:13 Init:2020/8/31 3:57 UpTime:4744s PWR: PwrVoltage RST:0 GPS:1 SAT:0 TTFF:0 TTLF:0 NOGPS: 1:18 SR:0 FG:200 FL:0 SMS:3 REC:42 MD:1 DB:0) – If REC:0, there are no records stored in Memory and you can send sdformat to the device)

Also, please also check the terminal logs of the device - and share it here together with your CFG file if you are still facing the issue.

Kindly try this and let me know if it helps.

Best regards.

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Hello. Thank you for your answer. I have tested it with 2 simcard. The same Problem. The simcard have fully funktion in my mobilephone. I can send sms. In the FMB001 they have no function. No signal. So i can't send any sms to the fmb001.

A problem with the firmware? Where can i get a better or newer firmware?

This ist the cfg

how can i see the terminal logs?
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Kann you look here? The same problem.


Can you give me another firmware


Hello there,

Good day. Thank you for your reply.

We would like to inform you that we do not share firmware files/updater and other files in the community forum. To receive firmware files, updater, and documentation on devices, please contact your sales manager. If you don't have any contacts with our Sale managers, please contact them on our official website and click on the "Contact Us" button. When you will click, please fill the form and submit it.

Note: as a topic, please choose "Vehicle telematics" or you can send an e-mail with the description of your situation to

Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards.