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I have a lot of this device,
I want this devices send data to some others End-point (other subdomain)
I change domain name in device to
but not working,
I don't resolve any data
Be the Way I want to know how APN works? and how send data

also want know if equal ?

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FM11XM!! Are you sure that the device name is related to Teltonika products?

In General, before you added the domain name, Did you use the IP address of your gateway "App Server" and the device was sending payloads normally? If yes, Did you assign the server IP address to your subdomain in your Control panel of the Domain Register panel, means, Are you sure that the IP address indicates to a subdomain and vice versa?

APN is the Access Point Name of your Internet Service Provider who providing you SIM Cards with an Internet connection where it enables your device to be connected to the internet, please contact your SIM Cards provider and ask for APN settings, please be sure that your APN settings on the device are configured properly.

If the above info. is not enough for you to solve the problem, please take a snapshot of your configuration to GPRS Section or upload the device configuration file for review,

Best Regards,

Mahmoud A.M Khalil

Best answer

Hey, Thank you for replay!

BTW, I want to know about domain field 

I use software, 

I create new sub-domain for do some testing, I upload software and configration all thing and site working very well!!

now I want to link device with new domain , I configurator device to new domain "", 

but I don't received data in new domain, just In original domain, 

My asking about if "" equal "" in device?




Thanks for your kind reply.

Based on your snapshot, you add in this field either IP address "Public IP Address of your App Server" or you can write down the domain name as it without space at the beginning or at the end. Please be sure that:

  1. You add the sub-domain correctly in the domain field in the configurator "please don't use Copy/Cut Paste method"
  2. Sub-domain indicates to your server where your application and gateway installed.
  3. APN settings are correct and not dedicated to a specific server.
  4. Your application socket is running and ready to Listen and receive data from trackers.
  5. Port 11900 is open on your server.
  6. SIM Card has internet connectivity and has a data package.

Regarding your question, IS NOT equal to, is your primary domain, but is an add-on to your primary domain, for example, you can have two different websites, is your company main website, and is your Fleet Management solution platform.

Best Regards,

Mahmoud A.M Khalil