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Thank you Vivet for your help.

I am using a similar platform to Traccar in my own server. When I createa command and I check thebox "send sms"I recibe this message 

SMS is not enabled - RuntimeException (BaseProtocol:127 < CommandsManager:66 < CommandResource:71 < ...)

If I don´t check the box then the command is sent but the fmt100 configuration doesn´t change.

I have write en similar Traccar Platfor,: setparam 1000: 123  whithout space and without password, if I send from my mobile, the FMT100 change, is I send It by Traccar then the FMT100 doesn´t change.

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Hello Juan,

Good day. Thank you for your question. 

It appears that there may be some platform/server integration issue here, which is why there is no response from the device. However, you mentioned that you are receiving an error when you try to enable "send SMS" from your platform/server, so may I know if your platform/server is able to send GPRS commands? If yes then you may go through our protocol for device-server communication over GPRS messages -

Also, as you have advised above that the device responded when you sent the command via SMS but not when sent via Traccar. Just to clarify on the server settings, if you have sent the correct command. To change the server settings, the SMS commands are as follows:

With username and password : <username><space><password><space>setparam 2004:your domain;2005:your port;2006:0

Without username and password : <space><space>setparam 2004:your domain;2005:your port;2006:0

Kindly take note that if you are sending it via GPRS then there is no need for username, password or <space>

You may refer here for the list of SMS/GPRS commands -

You may refer here for the Parameter List -

Kindly go through this and let me know if it helps.

Best regards.