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Good morning, I need your help

I connected Can2l and Can2h to the tachograph socket C

which tachograph priority should be set first? (K-Line, ALLCAN, Tacho CAN or FMS)

And one more question:

Can1 Bus settings

Set to Silent or Normal?

The CAN data reading is connected to the white A plug of the Can-H Cal-L tacho

I care about the correct setting for downloading DDD data from the tachograph and driver card


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Tachograph data can be taken from Tachograph via K-Line, ALLCAN, Tacho CAN or FMS. Prioroty of each data source depends on device connection. For example if you don't use ALL-CAN adapter, ALLCAN data source schould be disabled:,FMS_IO_and_Tachograph_data_elements

Try default settings, which is CAN2 speed 250, CAN1 speed 250 Silent, DDD download source: CAN2.

After connection and configuration avaibility of ddd file download schould be checked with tachocheck SMS command: