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como configurar un fmu130 para que entre en online sleep mode cuando no hay alimentacion de la tarjeta

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Hello there,

Good day. 

FMU130 can enter online deep sleep mode if ALL of these conditions are met:

- FMU130 is configured in Deep Sleep mode and sleep timeout is reached;

- Device time must be synchronized with GPS satellites. From Firmware 03.18.15 version, this condition depends on the “Records saving/sending  without TS” parameter:

- After Position Fix - FMU130 time is synchronized with GNSS satellites and GPS fix is obtained;

- After Time Sync - FMU130 time is synchronized over NTP, NITZ, or GNSS satellites;

- Always - FMU130 will enter sleep mode without time synchronization and GPS fix.

- Ignition (configured ignition source) is off;

- Movement is not detected by the accelerometer or configured movement source;

Min. Record Saving Period (Data Acquisition Mode settings) must be larger than Open Link Timeout parameter, so that FMU130 could close GPRS link;

- The difference between Send Period (Data Acquisition Mode settings) and Open Link Timeout must be more than 90 seconds, so that FMU130 could close GPRS link within at least 90 seconds;

- There are no SMS messages being received;

- Data socket(s) are closed;

- Data sending is not in progress;

- FOTA is not in progress.

FMU130 exits online sleep mode if ONE of following conditions is true:

- Movement by accelerometer or configured movement source is detected;

- Ignition (configured ignition source) is turned on.

Alternatively, you may refer on Wiki Teltonika Page on each of the sleep modes and how it works at

Please do go through this and let me know if it helps.

Kind Regards.