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in Vehicle tracking by anonymous

I have a question about how to handle connection from FMB140.

I configured Online Sleep mode, GPRS Open Link Timeout = 259200 and Network Ping Timeout = 30;
After some time of sending pings, in my case 13 minutes, connection is suspended or broken and system is left with suspended socket in FIN_AWAIT state.
Device, after some time, creates another connection, but old is still hanged. So I finished with 10 frozen sockets after 12 hours.

Next I added Timeout for waiting on incoming data, and set to 90 seconds, so now I have no problem with suspended sockets, but device is still disconnects.

Why I asking because whole idea with sending gprs commands to device is not easy to implement. What may I check in device logs.
Is it dependent on gsm carrier? Or data plan?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

I am sorry, I do not quite understand the question. Are You having issues with link closing between server and the device once it is established?

Or is it something GPRS command related?

Link closing before Open Link Timeout could be dependant on the operator, that is why Network ping could be used to prevent link closure that could happen due to outside factors.

You could provide log of the device, I would analyze it to get clearer pictures of what is going on inside the device when closure happens.

Upload it to

Thank You.

Best Regards
by anonymous

I would like to add some comments On Your issue.

If You are having issues with device disconnecting from Your server even if it is configured to keep the link established for as long as possible, link closure could happen for one of the following reasons:

Device does not receive response in time (Response Time out is reached) from the server when it sends its IMEI or AVL packet;

Server could be incorrectly answering to the device when it sends its IMEI or AVL packet;

Server could be closing the link with the device itself. This should be verified on the server side.

Best Regards