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I'm a developer and I use an FMB120 device with panic button on Digital Input 2.

I set the I/O Digital Input 2 feature like this:

Units: empty, Priority: Panic, LowLevel: 1, High Level:1, EventOnly: No, Operand: On Entrance, Avg Const: 1

When I press the button the record is sent to the server and I get the SMS. On the server there is Traccar Service, I have this attributes record:


In order to generate an Event by Traccar Service, I need the record alarm inside the string, is it possible to configurate the device to have it?

I also tried with TMT250 and it wrote the alarm record.

Thank you.


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Please specify what do You mean by "record alarm" do You want eventual record inside the string? When You activate DIN2 eventual record is generated and is sent to the server, how servers parses the information and displays it it is up to the server itself.

I see that You have demonstrated to generation of eventual record that is sent once DIN2 changes states

Please specify the question.

Thank You.

Best Regards