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Due to be a lot of sensors in the market,and diverses parameters,and Sensors it's some that could depreciating.It's important test the sensors with others sensors in the market,to know well the parameters, and the application of the parameters in the operations.

Buy sensors it's something that could be questioned,specifcly for the fleet's.In the general sensor it's an immobilized investment,and your risk it's propotional of the oscilation of the market,the fleet's could buy a sensor and with a drop-down of the market the fleet's could  be idle,and loss your investiment (the same situation could be with the truck).

The fuel economy provided by the ecodrive could be questioned:The first point fuel it's a variable cost in the fleet's wich oscilate with transported volume,the second  point  fuel it's a commodity with a oscilation in the international market,the third point  it's the fuel economy should  considered the age of the vehicle,age ,engine hours.

As managament practicies ,it's not good mix with  variable costs,investment in immobilized product's.The best practicies it's the company analysis your fixed cost's,besides that the price the sensor should be proportional to the age of the fleet's/engine hours.

In the general the operations with machines (truck,agricultural tractors) they are submitted to attend a demand in your process,wich generate a physical works.Along the time due to the physical works wich they are submited,it's natural the machine have problems.

Some indicators wich it's intersting it's:The machine power,the power of the machine used in the process,the engine hours accumulated,and the fault codes.The companies buy trucks or others goods,during pre-determined , during pre-determined service life.

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There is some policy of Teltonika to test your sensors comparing between the others sensors  ? There a lot brands in the market (good brands independent of your nationalities),and  custumers want's a clear policy to understand all the parameters to use,if the service life of the sensor it's compatible with their business,due to they will spend their money buy the sensor.

This is one of the situation that occurs here in Brazil (how-ever occur  in all place of the world):The number of passanger decreases due to the corona virus,and the buses companies have the same fuel cost and maintenance cost to a less volume of passanger.


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