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I need to configure our FMB204 units installed on our trailers.

 There are 3 scenarios

 1) Trailer is stopped. Unit need to send position to the server every 24 hours

2) Trailer is moving but the battery is not charging (Example: the trailer is on a train or a boat). The unit need to send position every 60 minutes to the server.

3) Trailer is moving and the battery is charging (the trailer is attached to the truck). The unit need to send position to the server every 2 minuters.

 Is it possible to setup these 3 scenarios on the FMB204 unit?

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1) Configure On Stop Min period and Send Period to 864000, that is in seconds so every 24 hours a record will be generated if vehicle is stopped during that time.

For other 2 scenarios it gets trickier. Can you please clarify battery charging and not charging scenarios? Does one mean that vehicle moves with ignition off (battery not charging) and other means that vehicle is moving with ignition On (moving by itself, meaning that battery is charging) and how Ignition is going to be detected on your trailers? By DIN1?

Best Regards.
Hello, ignition is detect by voltage on the yellow wire (IGN). When the truck is bind to the trailer and the position lights are ON, the ignition go to ON and the battery will charging. In this case FMB204 need to send position to the server every 2 minutes.

When the trailer is moving but the ignition is OFF (not charging, example when the trailer is on a train unbinded from truck), the unit need to send position every 60 minutes (to save battery charge).



Please see this page:

Then when trailer is with ignition and moving set Min period to 120 it will generate record every 2 minutes and if send period is set to 120 it will also be sent every 2 minutes.

Now when trailer is moving with Ignition off, There is really no way to configure 2 separate "On Stop" periods for this. Static Navigation should be disabled as it can filter out changes in position when vehicle has no ignition or Movement is not detected by movement source, but change in position happened.

If you set Movement source to Ignition it will always be considered as "Moving" when ignition is On and records will be generated and sent every 2 minutes. And when it is moving with ignition off it will be "On Stop" I would suggest making On Stop Min period to 3600 which is 1 hour, but that would mean that when trailer is actually stationary it will also send records every hour.

FMB204 has large battery capacity so it should not die quickly, unless it is left without external power source for long periods of time.

Best Regards