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maybe i dont get ist but i have a lttel problem understanding the way AVL IDs and Codecs work together. On Server Side i have a parser for every singel codec. So far so good, now i get data from multiple devices some with codec 8 some with 8e. When i look up the AVL list to get some human readable values i seesm that every single device has diffrent AVDL IDs. so do ihave to writte a parser for every single device ? is there a list of all AVL ids for codec 8 and one for codec 8e?

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Some devices just have more AVL ID's as they have additional features that require them.

For example FMX640 can be connected to Tachograph so it has AVL ID's that describe data that is gotten from tachograph.

AVL IDs themselves mean the same thing across different devices. Like AVL ID 240 means movement on one device it will mean same thing on the other one.

We do not separate AVL IDs list by protocol but some IDs can only be received via Codec 8 extended.

If you have anymore questions please ask.

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